Huawei P50 Pro: The Best Thing About It

When the Huawei P50 series launches, I think many of us will remember that, with or without Google, Huawei phones always make a splash.

Trade ban aside, Huawei is a force to be reckoned with. Huawei is the first phone manufacturer that came out with the night mode and raised the bar regarding optical zoom; going from 3x to 5x to 10x! 

Huawei P50 Pro: Expect Epic Zoom Capabilities

Guess what: this year is not going to be much different. In fact, the best thing about the P50 phones will be the extra dedication to… zoom. Rumor is the P50 Pro Plus will do the unthinkable: come with 20x optical zoom which translates into 200x digital zoom! Basically, we’re talking double the amount.

This will be as close as we can get phones to dedicated cameras if you think about it. Of course, until now, Huawei only teased this feature so nothing is confirmed yet.

There is always the possibility that we will get only a 10x zoom but enhanced in a significant way. Just beware of the fact that if zooming matters to you, this series is going to be a game-changer. 

All three P50 phones will get zoom capabilities. The standard model will offer the least, around 3.5x optical zoom with a tele lens, while the Pro could cap at 5x but thanks to a periscope. Only the P50 Pro Plus will surpass the P40. 

Huawei P50: Camera Features

The second camera feature you’ll love is… well, it is more of a hardware spec. The sensor that was used for the main camera on the Pro models is the Sony 1-inch sensor, and the biggest Huawei has included in a phone camera. It is also the biggest on the market right now.

Now, if you’re a Huawei user or are planning to switch to their phones starting with the P50, you probably want to know everything there is to know about the camera.

Keep this in mind: P50, the vanilla one, will have a triple camera made with a 50MP main, a tele which will you give you a 3.5x zoom and an ultrawide, all from Leica. The P50 Pro will have a quad, the main Sony 1-inch camera with a great ultra-wide, a 5x periscope, and a tele in tow. The P50 Pro Plus might have a quad module but with slight upgrades or, some believe they will add a fifth camera. 

Considering all of Huawei’s teasers, I will say this: the zoom will be insane, the colors, beautiful, and these phones will more than deliver when it comes to action shots.

Will it feel like you’re taking photos with a professional camera? Pretty much. However, you are also going to enjoy all the goodies a phone comes with like a great processor, a rich OS, and a pretty big, smooth display. 

Huawei P50: Display, Refresh Rate and Processor

Word is the P50 phones will start with a 6.3-inches display on the vanilla model. The P50 Pro should be around 6.6-inches and the Plus could go up to 6.8-inches, but nothing is confirmed.

The refresh rate is also going to start from 90Hz and go up to 120Hz on the Pro and Pro Plus. 

That’s all in line with 2021 flagship phones; just like the sleek design, the latest processor, curved edges, thin bezels, and no audio jack meet our expectations.

The P50 Pro models are definitely going to run on the Kirin 9000. Will Huawei have enough to cover the demand? Not sure. They might have to resort to Snapdragon 888 which is no reason to celebrate exactly because even when that happens, the chips won’t offer 5G due to the trade ban. If you ask us, probably only the base models will be outfitted with the Snapdragon 888 with 4G. 

Huawei P50: Harmony OS, Battery and Price

As for the operating system, it won’t be Android. Harmony OS will come into play, which is not as bad as you think. Huawei managed to build over 100,000 apps and 4 million devs are working on them. 

The battery capacity is still a mystery but not the charging power. The P50 vanilla model will feature 65W of charging while the premium phones will go to 135W if rumors are true. 

Now, Huawei isn’t known for being the cheapest phone maker out there. Even without Google on board, their hardware and software are good enough to warrant pretty steep prices. I don’t think any P50 phone will sell below 800 euros. Actually, the Pro Plus might sell for 1500 euros or more. 

And, yes, you should think in euros, not just Chinese currency, because Huawei P50 phones will launch globally. They might not reach the US but should be up for grabs for the rest of the world, including Europe.

Is it wise to get a Huawei P50 now? Well, at least this year gave us a big opportunity. Since the P50 is launching later in the year, we have had the chance to see many great Android phones already and what they can do. So it’s easier to get an idea of what type of phone fits you.

If you want a phone purely for the camera you can’t go wrong with the P50 or the Pixel this fall. But if you care about processing power, battery, refresh rate… there are alternatives out there. 

End of the day, P50 will be hard to compete with so are you ready to put the Google affair aside and invest in these phones?

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