I Just Can’t Hate the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra!

The more Samsung info I get, the harder it is to hate… the Galaxy S21. 

Especially the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

While I do prefer the magic of camera software, the whole “we did it with algorithms” versus “we added lens after lens”, I feel that I could change my mind in the face of the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera and even the Mi 11 Pro. 

The Ultra will handle four cameras, instead of three like the other S21 models, a flash and laser autofocus. Is it overkill? For most, maybe; but at least, Samsung is not just squeezing more of the same lenses in. 

Instead, Samsung will be playing with a 108MP wide lens with 12% better light sensitivity and a folded tele that will take over for 10 times zoom. That’s impressive because – let’s face it! – these two are the cameras that really count!

And when we’re not spying on the neighbors, there’s the 12MP ultra-wide. From Sony this time, not Samsung.

Plus the design of the rear camera isn’t as ugly as it could have been. Usually, the more cameras you add, the bulkier the module. Cases have to be redesigned to fit a bumpier camera and most of the time, a bigger camera. 

While Samsung isn’t completely changing that, they are slimming that space and connecting it to the side of the phone finally!

Another thing that got me smiling was the stylus addition. Combining the Galaxy with the thing that made the Galaxy Note… a Note is smart. It’s what we needed.

These two things already give Samsung a head start but we know they’re not enough. Not enough if they want to beat Apple’s iPhone 12 or Xiaomi’s Mi 11 series. There’s also a processor to surpass.

See what to expect in terms of performance from the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in the video above!

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