Insta360 GO Camera Is An Adorable 20 Grams Steady Cam

Insta360 deservedly has a reputation for great action cams and their latest offering packs quite a lot in a tiny, tiny package.

The newly-unveiled Insta360 GO is less than 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide and weighs just 20 grams, so it makes sense that all the promo shots show it on a headband – it’s so light, you can wear it anywhere.

Considering those dimensions, the $200 Insta360 GO’s spec sheet is even more impressive.

One of the main problems of action cams is that footage can look choppy in hectic filming scenarios, so the Insta360 GO packs FlowState Stabilization to help with that. 

Because of that, even though it shoots at 2720 x 2720 px, it exports video at 1080p in 25 fps after stabilization. It also has a 30 fps timelapse mode that records up to 8 hours and exports a 9 second clip of your adventures, alongside a hyperlapse mode that shoots 30 minutes to create a 5 minute video.

You can also take pictures of up to 2560 x 2560 px on it and there are some options to export them in landscape, not just Insta-ready squares.

The makers also a Flash Cut auto-editing feature, a tool that uses AI to identify your best shots, then edits them together in a video.

The only downside of the Insta360 GO is the fact that, because it’s so tiny, it doesn’t really wow with battery life. Its makers say that you can shoot up to 200 clips of 20 seconds per day but that also includes using the extra 2.5 full charges from the Charge Case and its built-in battery. 

Considering this baby is just 20 grams and so small that it can be worn as jewelry, no one would expect to use it continuously for hours at at the time, so that might not be an issue for most.

The Insta360 Go retails for $200 and comes with the Charge Case, a magnetic pendant for wear around your neck, a clip for clothing, a stand and a sticky mount.

insta360 go tiny cam charge case


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