Instagram Is Testing Group Stories

Jane Manchun Wong

Like all the internet giants, Facebook is always frantically at work, testing new features to hook in more users with but, just as fast as the features come out, if they don’t catch the public’s interest, they are soon booted into the trash bin. 

Such was the case with Group Stories, a feature that Facebook retired just last week. Or at least, that’s what we thought – after all, if a feature is not good for one platform, that doesn’t mean it won’t fit another. 

Quietly, Facebook might be moving Group Stories to a different arrangement, in a context that can enhance their usefulness and where the users might appreciate them more and what better place for than than Instagram, where the original Stories feature was born?

Jane Manchun Wong a reference to Group Stories in the Instagram code and even managed to activate the feature. However, as it was quite hidden, it’s not a sure sign Facebook has plans to implement it to Instagram but its presence at least hints at the possibility. 

For those who have never heard of it, Group Stories are Special Stories, shared with a specific group of users . On Instagram they could, for example, be shared with the list of closest friends, avoiding other followers watching them. It could prove to be a very useful feature in the case of events that are only shared by a smaller social circle.

All the users would need to do is select Share to Group Story and choose which friends are worthy of watching the content. 

For now, there’s no guarantee the feature will be implemented so we’ll have to wait and see what Facebook or Instagram have to say about it, if anything at all. 

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