Intel Shows Off Bizzare, Yet Impressively-Sized 'Ruler' SSD

Intel Shows Off Bizarre, yet Impressively-Sized ‘Ruler’ SSD

intel-ssd-dc-p4500 ruler ssd

If you’re in the market to get an SSD the recently announced Intel ‘Ruler’ SSD DC P4500 will definitely stop you in your tracks (and even make you do a double-take).

Shaped like an actual ruler, this bizarre looking SSD does one thing extremely right: it fits 32 TB using just 5% of the space that a regular hard disk would take up. Furthermore, it only consumes a tenth of the power a regular hard disk would and also brags about needing 50% less airflow than a usual, rectangular SSD.

To put it into perspective for sysadmins out there, you could line up side by side 32 of these ‘Ruler’ SSDs in a single server slot.

In any case, it’s nice to see what Intel’s doing on the business front while wowing consumers with beastly, 28-core processors or figuring out how to cut LCD power-consumption in half.

Of course, this is not an offering for consumers but a business solution, hence the unusual yet efficient form factor. It’s already been adopted by “some of the world’s biggest data companies – IBM, Microsoft and Tencent” for their cloud and data center operations. With so much power in such a narrow shape, we’d also see it working great in a gaming setup but, no doubt about it, the price is not gonna be consumer-friendly in the near future.

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