iPhone 13 Mini Camera, as Good as the iPhone 12 Pro Max One

Remember our advice to go for the iPhone 13 mini? Those of you who did have one more reason to rejoice today. Camera benchmarks show that the iPhone 13 mini’s camera is just as good as last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max.

That’s incredible! Apple’s decision to make the mini version of their iPhone as powerful as the best flagship they’ve launched just one year ago is huge.

In other words, you’ll feel the difference between your mini and an iPhone 13 Pro Max but not as much as you believe. According to a DxOMark camera test, all the upgrades done left fall for the Pro Max were transferred to the vanilla iPhones this year, including the most compact of all, iPhone 13 mini.

The 1.7 µm pixels sensor and sensor shift stabilization are now part of the camera package the mini offers, a phone that Apple intends to forget about starting with 2022.

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Because of these unexpected but welcome upgrades, DxOMark gave the iPhone 13 mini 130 points in the camera department. We haven’t forgotten that the iPhone 12 Pro Max aces zooming, since it has that better tele camera, but the mini holds its own thanks to the improved A15 chip.

And wanna know something else? The iPhone 13 mini even beats the iPhone 12 Pro Max at video, with a bigger score of 117 points over 113 points. Plus, its video performance is barely surpassed by the 13 Pro; this means iPhone 13 mini is one of the best iPhones yet.

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As for the iPhone 13 Pro models, they’ve gotten all new image sensors, special attention being given to the main camera. As opposed to their predecessors, these iPhones produce more detailed images, with better color and contrast and are more skilled at magnification.

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Since this is supposedly the last iPhone mini from Apple, think twice before spending $300 or more on a Pro this year, especially if you want a pocketable phone!

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iPhone 13 Mini Camera, as Good as the iPhone 12 Pro Max One

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