Iphone 13 Pink Might Be Axed in Favor of This Juicy Color

iPhone 13 Pink Might Be Axed in Favor of This Juicy Color

The idea that Apple would be bold enough to release an iPhone fit for a Barbie brought quite the excitement in our midst. The pink iPhone 13 Pro Max caused a commotion among you guys, too, but it seems that Apple isn’t convinced they want to go that route. In fact, the pink version of the next iPhone could be axed in favor of this summer-y, juicy color.

Orange. Orange is one of the next colors rumored for the iPhone 13 series, coming this fall. From what we’ve seen Apple doing in the past couple of years, we dare say this vibrant, glossy orange Ian Zelbo showed in his recent renders will probably be reserved to the iPhone 13 vanilla phone.

Usually, the company goes with bold hues and pastels for the standard series of iPhones, using darker versions of them for the Pro line.

So, if Apple does indeed go with this bold orange for the iPhone 13 as their 2021 highlight, then we can expect a bronze or copper, matte shade for the Pro and Pro Max. In previous years, they went with Blue for iPhone 12 and 12 mini and “Pacific Blue” for the Pro versions, after all.

Of course, Apple will still make a lighter iPhone 13 Max available, as well as a dark grey/black one; not to mention, the Product (Red) edition will go up for sale, as well.

Other than that, the iPhone 13 is expected to come with an advanced sensor-shift OIS stabilization, alongside an interesting Mini model.

The phones are rumored to feature Samsung’s 120Hz ProMotion displays and run on the 5nm A15 chipset. They will have LiDAR integrated and reduced notches.

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iPhone 13 Pink Might Be Axed in Favor of This Juicy Color
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