Is It Cake, Too? On Netflix Is So Popular, It’s About to Dethrone Even The Witcher 3

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Netflix has spent a lot of time and money trying to convince people that they should give season 3 of The Witcher a chance, even though Henry Cavill will leave after this one, and what did people do?

They tuned in to Is It Cake? instead, the unexpected Netflix top watch of the month.

You’d think a last chance to see Henry Cavill as The Witcher would be enough to keep this series on top of the Netflix charts but that’s about to change, because this hilarious and unexpected show is coming up fast.

Last year, Season 1 of Is It Cake? debuted on Netflix’s Top 10 TV shows list in not one, not two, not ten but 75 different countries. Now, Season 2 of Is It Cake, Too? debuted straight on the number 2 spot, right behind The Witcher s3.

For those who missed this surprisingly fun series, here is the official synopsis:

“Deception is the name of the game for the world’s most talented bakers who will compete to create hyper-realistic cakes that look exactly like everyday objects – with cash on the line. But are they good enough to deceive a panel of celebrity judges… and you? You’ll be asking yourself ‘is it real?’ Or…Is It Cake?”

The show will feature a lot of game show mainstays like Joel McHale, Anna Camp, the D’Amelio sisters and Chris Redd.

As for what’s actually happening each episode, here are the Is It Cake, Too? rules:

“Ten of the best hyperrealistic cake artists in the world will compete against each other to fool a group of judges and collect a cash prize. 

Each week, the contestants will first be tasked with identifying a cake among a group of objects (like a full-scale replica of Day’s college dorm room). 

Those who guess correctly will then move on to the main event, which will require them to create a cake that replicates everyday objects in just eight hours.

Every episode, one baker who doesn’t trick the judges will be eliminated and one will be crowned the winner based on how good their bakes both taste and look. By the end of the season, the last baker standing will be crowned the Is It Cake, Too champion.”

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Each episode winner will get a 5,000 prize and the chance to get another 5,000, if they guess correctly if the bag of cash in front of them is a bag of cash or, well, more cake.

Fun stuff, right? Considering just how convoluted The Witcher 3 plot got, it’s easy to see why audiences are switching to shows like these.

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