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Keep Your AirPods Secure With These Stylish Earrings

airpods earrings gold

Never worry about your AirPods falling out again with these chic earrings. Created by Mumbai-based jewelry label MISHO, these are the first earrings made especially for Apple AirPods, and they go by the name of Pebble Pods and Minimal/Active Tall Pods.

airpods earrings in ear
Pebble Pods

airpods earrings gold
Minimal Pods

Suhani Parekh, the founder of MISHO and the designer of the Pebble Pods, says she came up with the idea during the lockdown. Parekh noticed that after a large number of phone calls and Zoom meetings her AirPods felt uncomfortable over her earrings.

As a result, she decided to create an accessory that would complement the AirPods and even secure them in the ears, preventing them from easily falling off.

The earrings are available in “22K Gold Gloss” and “White Gold,” and cost less than the actual AirPods. The Pebble Pods are priced at $121.86 and the Minimal/Active Pods will set you back $75.31 on MISHO’s web store.

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