ASOS Now Selling Fake AirPods with No Sound

ASOS Now Selling Fake AirPods with No Sound

asos fake airpod jewelry

In a move that’s reminiscent of all the memes with “Get that London look”, giant fashion retailer ASOS now sells decorative, fake AirPods that play no sound.

And it gets better!

get that london look

If budget constraints are forcing you to go full Emperor’s New Clothes, you can now shell out $9.5 for silvery Apple AirPod lookalikes.

Unfortunately, that $9.5 is only going to get you what amounts to a fashionable ear plug fashioned out of zinc. 

The “ASOS DESIGN faux headphone ear piece in silver tone” is purely decorative, doesn’t even come in a set and and plays no sound (other than that of desperation?).

RetailDive put it best – after having “blessed the world with some gems over the years, including a skort-jeans combo, see-through pants and a pleather outfit that only Britney Spears could pull off”, the retailer outdid itself.

And, considering that the faux AirPod is non-returnable, those who want to ironically add it to their outfit do have to buy it for keeps.

Who knows? Maybe someone, someday, will actually say “That’s a nice earring!”. 

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