Leaked iPhone 13 Case Gives Us More Hints About The Phone’s Size And Design


Apple is expected to introduce its new iPhone 13 to the world pretty soon, though most smartphone enthusiasts who have kept an eye on the leaks and rumors thus far, have a pretty solid idea of what’s to come. 

Now, more of the puzzle is being solved as a new case leak has offered us the measurements and some hints at the design of the smartphone to come. 

To begin with, there’s about three design changes that will visibly affect the look of the smartphone. The iPhone 12 was thinner than the iPhone 11, but instead of focusing on making it even thinner, Apple seems to have second thoughts about that – the 2021 iPhone 13 Pro, at least according to the size of the cases, will be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 12. 

However, this is an understandable choice, if the device will sport a 120Hz screen, which means that more space will be needed for the battery. 

Also, at long last, we might see a notch change, as in, a small reduction in size. This particular change would be most welcome – after all it has been one of the most discussed and, arguably, disliked features of the device ever since the iPhone X. Now however, it seems that the notch will drop in size by about 25%. 

Even with that in mind, Apple seems to have chosen a maximize-reduce-maximize design for the upcoming iPhone 13, as the camera module seems to get even bigger. In the images where the iPhone 12 is placed in an iPhone 13 case, we can see a pretty big difference in camera size. 

To be more exact, the iPhone 13 camera will go from 3.71cm to 3.9cm in diagonal, and the Pro model will see an increase from 3.98cm to 4.5cm. The camera frame enclosures will grow from 1.2cm to 1.41 on the regular iPhone 13, while the Pro and Pro Max versions will see a jump of up to 1.58cm and 1.42cm, respectively.

While it looks a bit like overkill, Apple wouldn’t consider doing this without good reason (we hope), so we can assume that the iPhone 13 will bring around some larger, high-performance lenses. 

The volume and power buttons will shift downward to 6.35mm, so there’s that as well. 

Overall, the iPhone 13 will have a total thickness of 7.54mm, which is a smidge thinner than the 8.1mm thickness of the iPhone 11 Pro. 

Needless to say, this new leak has made us even more curious about Apple’s upcoming flagship: how are the cameras? Are there any other changes in the design we can’t tell from the case?

We can’t wait to find out and, as always, we’ll keep you posted. 


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Leaked iPhone 13 Case Gives Us More Hints About The Phone’s Size And Design

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