Leaked Video Gives us A Glimpse of Samsung’s Foldable Phone

Samsung Vietnam

It looks like someone clicked the wrong button somewhere because a teaser video for a foldable phone, posted by Samsung Vietnam, went live for a short time, before it was swiftly deleted.

But the internet has even swifter fingers and a copy of it was quickly saved and reuploaded on YouTube. The video in question showcases a number of upcoming technology from the South Korean giant, including what we can only guess is a tattoo robot, a touch screen wall and an augmented reality mirror.

The foldable phone, which might prove to be the Galaxy X or Galaxy F, appears briefly at the 0:23 mark.

Samsung has previously teased its foldable phone at an event that took place in November but the unveiling took place in low-light and the members of the press were not allowed to use it or even approach it. We can say that we’re expecting the phone to make an appearance during the MWC this year but that might just prove to be wishful thinking.

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