Motorola Razr Concept Flips the Trending Foldable Phone Design

Sarang Sheth

Ever since rumors have started circulating about the return of the Motorola Razr, opinions have been divided about its revival as a foldable screen phone. Not to mention opinions about the price, as the device is expected to cost around $1,500.

For the naysayers, designer Sarang Sheth has come up with a Motorola Razer concept that might actually change their mind.

The designer elected not to treat the phone like a tablet, as most of the other manufacturers out there have chosen to, but took its cue from the original patented design and folded down the standard smartphone instead.

Economy of space and design at its finest? Looks like it.

While this design concept introduces a smartphone small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, we’re not quite sure if that will be enough to convince someone to pay the $1,500 price tag that will come attached to it.

But who knows, the bold Razr concept might surprise us all and end up changing the current trends completely.

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