Is the Lenovo Z5 a Phone in the Making, or Just a Rogue Project?

lenovo z5
credit: Lenovo VP Chang Cheng

Lenovo VP Chang Cheng has posted a phone design on his Weibo account that got everyone talking.

The concept in question lacks any front facing features: no camera sensor and no speakers, making the phone seem like a small screen encased in metal.

In the post, the rough translation does not offer a lot of clues. It is suggested that there have been technological breakouts that could make the design a possibility.

Rumor is, to solve the camera problem, a pop-up camera system might be implemented, which would conceal it within the device body until it is needed.

We’re unclear if the phone is a project in the works or if the design is just something that has been put on the table just for the sake of it, but let us not forget that the Vivo Apex is the closest thing we have right now to a full-screen display. The Vivo shows that we are definitely heading in that direction at a rapid pace.

Do you think we are going to see such a feature on our smartphones in the near future, or is it all just high hopes and expectations for now?

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