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LG Patent Reveals A 17-Inch Laptop with Rolling Display

Move over, foldable displays, because the next trend is rollable displays!

LG already has a rollable TV in the Signature line, starting at an eye-watering $60,000, and they’re rolling out other devices soon.

An LG patent spotted by RootMyGalaxy shows off a rollable display laptop.

This LG laptop would have a 17-inch display that rolls up when not in use.

When needed, it can unroll from 13.3-inches to its full 17-inch display size.

According to the patent, this laptop would also have a foldable keyboard and touchpad.

It seems LG is going all in on the rolling trend, as this is the second patent to make the rounds.

Just recently, we saw a trademark application for a LG Rollable smartphone, which we covered in-depth in this video.

That application was also submitted by LG’s experimental division, the branch responsible for the LG Wing, the unique-looking phone coming soon.

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LG Patent Reveals A 17-Inch Laptop with Rolling Display
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