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Major Developer Reveals PS5 Launch Date

PS5 Dev Kit Render

One of the biggest news this month was Sony’s announcement that it will skip E3 2020, arguably the biggest gaming event of the year.


According to David Jaffe, the famous developer behind the God of War series, the reason is that Sony wants everyone’s full attention on the PS5 launch.

When is that happening?

Jaffe said that the PS5 reveal is less than four weeks away, so expect to see Sony’s new console in February.


Continuing the Twitter thread where he revealed what everyone was looking for, Jaffe also said that the PS5 launch date is the “worst kept secret in games right now” and that it will be revealed, just like the PS4, in February.

Considering that four weeks from now falls around Valentine’s Day, we could be getting quite the treat!

Jaffe’s comments do hold a lot of weight, as he is a top developer for one of Playstation’s most popular exclusivities, and various forums claimed early 2020 for PS5.

Curious what it looks like?

No one knows how the final product will look but check out the full details on the PS5 console developers have access to right now – it’s quite scifi!

As for the specs, Sony confirmed a SSD, 4K and quite a few more features. 

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