Lenovo, To Build A New Standalone VR Headset
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Lenovo, To Build A New Standalone VR Headset


According to a new FCC filing, Lenovo is cooking a standalone VR headset, the “Lenovo VR3030S”. With that, the new VR headset is implied not to require plugging in a PC or phone, by integrating processing power.

Because the Mirage Solo wasn’t a success with its Daydream VR platform being canceled, we can only assume this one will run on Valve’s Steam VR, or Facebook’s Oculus. Daydream View was launched along with the first Pixel phone back in 2016 but there were signs something was wrong ever since the company didn’t mention it at all during the I/O developer’s conference in 2018 or during its hardware event.   Soon enough, Google removed the Google Play Movies & TV app from the Daydream VR platform and chose to point the users to the YouTube VR app instead. 

We can only wait for more details on the upcoming headset, as the report doesn’t unveil too much info on the upcoming standalone VR headset.

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