Make Your Pet A Different Breed with NVIDIA’s New AI GAnimals

Make Your Pet A Different Breed with NVIDIA’s New AI GAnimals

nvidia ganimal ai faceswap

NVIDIA continues to show off its AI capabilities with a new fun project: see how your pet looks like as a different breed with the GAnimals AI pet face swap.

Essentially, you just upload a picture of your dog and the AI tool will generate a host of other images with the facial expression of your pupper, showing you what he/she would look like as a Schnauzer, Golden Retriever or hound.


The researcher shared the project at the International Conference on Computer Vision from Seoul Korea and baptized the algorithm FUNIT (Few-shot, UNsupervised Image-to-image Translation). 

Unlike other algorithms, which use huge datasets of images to learn, the FUNIT uses a “novel network design” which allows it to work with just a few shots.

“Drawing inspiration from the human capability of picking up the essence of a novel object from a small number of examples and generalizing from there, we seek a few-shot, unsupervised image-to-image translation algorithm that works on previously unseen target classes that are specified, at test time, only by a few example images,” say the researchers.

The project is live at NVIDIA’s AI Playground, so go ahead and throw it a bone.

While it’s not quite as advanced as the GauGAN Nvidia AI, which turned any doodle into convincing, photorealistic art, it’s still a fun way to experiment with visual AI. 

At the very least, it will get you some content for your furball’s Instagram page.

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