Mario 35th Anniversary Update Roundup

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There have been some rumors of a Mario-themed year for Nintendo as they celebrate Mario’s 35th Anniversary. Here’s a round-up of everything that has been confirmed so far.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Shadow dropped on YouTube and Twitter (which seems to be the way Nintendo will be announcing things during the pandemic), Paper Mario: The Origami King will bring the fan-favorite Paper Mario series to the Nintendo Switch. In Origami King, it appears that origami based villains have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. Folding seems to be a major conceit in this game as you have to use (and avoid) various folded items.

Although the trailer was pretty quick, it hinted at a large, relatively open world. Additionally, the battle system was shown – Mario was in the center of a platform that rotates enemies around him – but it is unclear if this is a return to form of the RPG or a new gimmick.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is set to release July 17th.

Mario x Lego

We reported a couple weeks ago on the Mario x Lego collaboration. In the original announcement, owners of the Lego set could create their own Lego Mario worlds complete with enemies, sound effects, coins and more. In the latest announcement, Mario will now be able to don a series of his iconic powerups, including the fire flower, propeller hat, cat suit, and builder costume. Each powerup can be accessed with a simply switch of his trousers and hat. Details seem sparse from the video on how these powerups change gameplay other than new sound bites and small ways to interact with the Lego Mario world (e.g., with the fire flower, leaning Mario forward makes the fire flower sound).

All costume packs will be available August 1st.

Mario x Levi’s

There’s no new news for this, but just a reminder that Levi’s did collaborate with Mario for some Super Mario themed apparel. Unfortunately, most the apparel has sold out.

We are still waiting to hear if Nintendo will release information on the rumored 3D Mario ports. But the Paper Mario trailer did have a scene with a paper mache Samus helmet, so maybe that’s hinting at Metroid Prime 4 news!

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