MarsCat Is The Autonomous Robot Cat That Everyone is Talking About at CES 2020

image: Kickstarter

Robotic pets have been around for some time now, but this Robo-cat stands out from the pack. MarsCat is the world’s first fully autonomous robot cat, meaning once it’s activated, instead of only responding to voice commands it’ll act just like a regular cat, going around doing what a cat does. Hopefully, that’s not tipping flower pots or scratching the curtains.

Developed by Elephant Robotics, MarsCat is currently on Kickstarter, raising $100,000 after starting with a $20,000 goal. We saw it with our own eyes at CES 2020 and it’s got a unique robotic cuteness. Only the lack of fur gives it away that it’s not actually a real cat.

image: Kickstarter

It’s creators claim MarsCat is fully autonomous, but unlike real cats, it will still respond to some voice commands like “run,” “stop,” “quiet” or “come here.” Also, it’s touch-responsive, so head scratches or back strokes will get you some purrs.

Pledges start at $649 on the Kickstarter page will get you a MarsCat, with shipping due to start in March this year.
The company is also working on a charging base station that will allow MarsCat to automatically go and charge itself when it needs to.

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