Meet L'Oreal's Perso, The Ultimate Cosmetic Assistant

Meet L’Oreal’s Perso, The Ultimate Cosmetic Assistant


L’Oreal won’t stop surprising us and now takes another step into the beauty tech by bringing a gadget that’ll mix up make-up or a skincare routine based on your preferences.

Presented today at CES 2020, the device showed off the make-up and skincare-creation process. The gadget can even make-up a lipstick your favorite influencer is wearing on social media, being stocked with a preloaded bank of images. By linking your social media accounts to the app you can match whatever your favorite influencer is wearing and re-create her make-up yourself.


Moreover, due to AI, you will be able to try the make-up on yourself, preview it before making a decision. Cool enough, huh?
To come out with just the right amount of each color, the Perso uses three swappable color cartridges, that are enough for about 30 applications. The same goes for the foundation process.

In terms of skincare, Perso scans your face from different angles to diagnose your skin and then comes up with a skincare routine for daytime and night.

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