Meet the PowerEgg X, The Consumer Drone That Does It All

Meet the PowerEgg X, The Consumer Drone That Does It All

PowerVision_PowerEggX drone for content creators ces 2020

PowerVision is getting ready to steal the show at CES 2020 with an entirely new type of drone: the autonomous personal AI camera, a content creator’s dream.

The first device of this type is the PowerEgg X, a sleek looking drone three years in the making and covering over 100 technology patents.

Just glancing over the specs, the PowerEgg X seems to do it all. First, it’s a drone. 

Then, it’s a 4K/60 FPS HD camera with a three-axis gimbal that stabilizes the picture against shakes or vibrations.

And lastly it uses AI to ensure the perfect shot, offering facial recognition, deep learning and a tracking field of view of 170 degrees.

It not only automatically keeps the subject in the middle of the frame, even during high-action moments, but it also has a feature that automatically remembers and tracks a subject, even if it (or they) move in and out of the shot. 

Want the best drone selfie? 

The PowerEgg X has gesture recognition that lets you do things like take photos and record videos without having to use a phone.

Even better, this is also the first consumer drone that can pick up sound. 

Using a proprietary tech, this drone lets you use a wireless headphone or your mike’s phone to directly narrate on top of the video your shooting. Drone vlogging, anyone?

On top of everything, the PowerEgg X drone is also water-friendly beyond any degree we’ve seen.

It’s not just IPX7 water resistant for heavy rain showers, it has a waterproof case and landing float that lets it take off or land on water. 

The PowerVision PowerEgg X will launch on January 7 and will be available at most major retailers for $899. 

Wanna launch an order? Wait a few days!

We’ll make our way to PowerVision’s booth at CES, as the company promised to install a waterfall to demo this drone innovation, so stay close for our impressions.

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