Microsoft Adds Google Assistant To Xbox One


Xbox One was first announced alongside voice control capabilities, thanks to an upgraded Kinect unit which was subsequently replaced by the more capable Alexa and Cortana. Now, it looks like the time has come for Google Assistant to shine as well. 

Microsoft has announced that a new Xbox One update will be rolling out today for beta testing and it will be bringing along Google Assistant support for the console. After it’s been installed, all the users will have to do is ask the Assistant either via one of its devices or the phone: “Hey Google, turn on Xbox“. Shortly after, their console will be powering up. 

If you happen to own more than one Xbox, you can also ask it to turn on just the one in the bedroom, living room or wherever else you have one set up. 

For the time being Xbox Action for Google Assistant is limited to the English language as it’s still in beta stages but Google is working alongside Microsoft to enrich the Assistant’s language package as we speak. The companies plan to have a bag full of language options all ready to go by the time the official launch will come around later this fall. 

The beta testers will also be able to ask the Assistant to turn the console off, launch games and app, pause the game and resume it as well as direct it to adjust the volume or take screenshots. 

All Google Assistant and Xbox users are welcome to join the beta program so if you’re interested, all you have to do is join the Google Group with the Google Account you want to use. Then sign into your Xbox and add your Xbox as a device, listed under “[beta] Xbox” and you’ll be ready to go. 

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