Microsoft Will Bring The HoloLens To Android and iOS


Microsoft has plans to bring the enterprise-focused Dynamics 365 AR apps to both iOS and Android devices this spring.

While the apps are already available on the Microsoft HoloLens, if the company manages to bring them to mobile platforms, they will definitely be able to reach a much larger number of customers since a vast majority of the users can’t afford to purchase a HoloLens headset or purchasing it would simply not be justifiable, even for companies.

As of April, Microsoft’s Dyanmics 360 Remote Assist tool will be available as a preview feature on Android phones – this app, when used with the HoloLens, allowed the users to share what they are seeing and make annotations via mixed reality overlays. In the Android version though, the users will be simply holding their phone up instead and the feature will include group calling and a deeper integration with Dynamics 365 for Field Service, among other things.

The iOS app on the other hand, is called Project Visualize and it’s aimed at people who sell or want to present complex machinery because the app will allow them to present their customers with either small or full-sized models of their products.

This announcement is well-timed: Microsoft is rumored to announce its second-generation HoloLens at MWC Barcelona and, with the prices for the original Lenses going as high as $5000, an iOS and Android integration would be a more than welcome addition.

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