New Terms of Service Update Shows How Netflix Plans to Stop Password Sharing

News of a Netflix crackdown on password sharing has many users fearing they’ll lose access to their favorite streaming app but, while the company did say it will make some moves in this direction, we just didn’t know how.

How, a new update in Netflix’s terms of service reveals the biggest step Netflix has taken to stop password sharing. 

The update goes beyond the big change late last year, which saw the advent of a Netflix with ads tier designed for those users who don’t want to pay too much for the app, plus the ability to pay for adding someone to your Netflix subscription. 

Now, Netflix plans to detect how and when you access their service and will ask you to verify devices.

Here is what the company revealed:

How will Netflix stop password sharing?

“We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity from devices signed into the Netflix account,” says Netflix in their FAQs, underlining that “People who do not live in your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix.”

Yes, that means Netflix will detect where a device you own will connect to the WiFi and, if it’s not in your household, it might not let you watch.

For those who frequently travel and still want to access their family Netflix account (actually, the household account, since the company is eager to clarify family and household are two different concepts), Netflix will have a way to verify your device to make sure you’re using the subscription legally.

“When someone signs into your account from a device that is not associated with your Netflix household, or if your account is accessed persistently from a location outside of your household, we may ask you to verify that device before it can be used to watch Netflix. We do this to confirm that the device using the account is authorized to do so”, says the company. As with most accounts nowadays, that means you’ll be emailed a code that you have to input in the app to verify your device with Netflix.

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How much is Netflix in 2023?

In the US, the new Netflix prices start at $6.99 per month for the Basic with ads account and go up to $20. 

Here’s the full Netflix pricing breakdown as of now:

  • Netflix Basic with ads*: $6.99/month, in HD (720p), where you can watch on a single device but can’t download Netflix content
  • Netflix Basic: $9.99/month, in HD (720p), which lets you watch and download on 1 device at a time
  • Netflix Standard: $15.49/month, in FullHD (1080p), which lets you watch and download on 2 devices at a time
  • Netflix Premium: $19.99/month, in 4K, which lets you watch and download on 4 devices at a time.

In our part of Europe, the company offers three Netflix pricing plans, which you can see below.

  • Netflix Basic: 7.99€/month in HD (720p), which comes with 1 device at a time (watch and download) and ad-free content
  • Netflix Standard: 9.99€/month in FullHD (1080p), which lets you watch and download on 2 devices at a time
  • Netflix Premium: 11.99€/month in UltraHD (4K), for up to 4 devices at a time

Of course, pricing varies from region to region so, if you want to get the Netflix price for 2023, check out their page and select your country from the dropdown menu.

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New Terms of Service Update Shows How Netflix Plans to Stop Password Sharing

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