New Xbox Series X Info Revealed; Load Times and Quick Resume Demos Posted

News has slowly trickled out about the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console. We reported a couple weeks ago about some of the new features one could expect on the console, but just today, Xbox released some more information about the system as well as some hands-on videos from content creators.

In a compiled report by BGR, there are several videos showcased where Digital Foundry looks at the internal build and a look at the controller. YouTuber Austin Evans was given a unit to try out, which he deconstructs but also shows off some gameplay from Gears 5 and Minecraft.

On the official Xbox page, however, the company posted two videos: Loading Times Tech Demo and Quick Resume Tech Demo. Both showed off some of Xbox Series X’s most anticipated features. The former demonstrated the console’s reduced loading time when compared to the Xbox One X. The Series X worked significantly quicker, loading into State of Decay 2 In about 9 seconds compared to the One X’s 49 second load time. It should be noted that the game was not optimized for the Series X, meaning that the improvement in load time is based purely on hardware, not software, improvements.

The latter demo showed off the multiple games that could be suspended and quick resumed to. In the video, the Xbox Series X had 5 games suspended. Given that current consoles can only suspend one game for quick resume, this is 5 times better and lets gamers switch easily from one game to another.

Everything released about the Xbox Series X seems to point in the direction of it being the most powerful console to date. I know I’ve said this every time Xbox releases new info, but truly, everything the Xbox Series X can do seems like it’s ahead of the industry by a large margin.

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