Nintendo Continues to Be Vague On Possibility of Switch Pro

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The Nintendo Switch Pro has been much rumored about. Unfortunately, there has been little in the way of confirmation from the company.

At a recent shareholder Q&A (posted in Japanese, via VGC), President of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors circulating the internet. Furukawa declined to comment directly, stating instead: “The Company will continue to focus on creating unique games, and in order to achieve this, we will continue to propose games using a dedicated game console with integrated hardware and software… We are constantly developing hardware, software, and dedicated peripherals, but we will refrain from commenting on specific products under development.”

These statements echo comments Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser made to The Washington Post recently. In said interview when asked about the Switch Pro, Bowser said that Nintendo’s policy on new technology and their hardware is to evaluate how technology affects gameplay and implement it at an appropriate time, be that on current hardware or next generation.

In somewhat related news, Furukawa was asked about the success of Nintendo Classic Mini consoles, like the NES and Super NES Classic Minis. These systems brought back the look and feel of those original consoles and had several build in games to play.

In response to the question, Furukawa stated: “We will continue to examine the possibility of offering classic content, such as with the NES and Super NES Classic Mini series, as well as our online services, as a way of communicating the appeal of our products to different generations” (source: VGC).

Both statements less confirmations of specific products and more ambiguous statements that Nintendo is considering all possibilities. Hopefully, we’ll receive less vague information soon.

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Nintendo Continues to Be Vague On Possibility of Switch Pro
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