Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Dock To Be Sold Separately

PC: Nintendo

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The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) was just announced. With it came several quality of life features such as a new 7-inch OLED screen, a more durable and adjustable kickstand, and enhanced audio. The dock itself was also upgraded with a built-in ethernet port and given a cool, more rounded look.

While being able to take advantage of the new hardware features on the Switch itself necessitates buying a new console, fans were wondering whether they could buy the dock separately to use with their current Switches. Since the console announcement, Nintendo has confirmed that the new dock will be solid separately in the Nintendo store (source: VGC). These docks will only be sold through Nintendo’s official store.

The new dock is compatible with the current Switches, meaning that players who want to buy the dock separately can use it immediately. Likely, the main draw of purchasing this dock over the included one is for the ethernet port.

Nintendo has not yet announced an official price for the dock separately, but the current dock is $59.99 on their website. The official Nintendo Switch wired LAN adapter costs $30.

Beyond the new ethernet port, what’s nice about the dock is that, outside special edition consoles, the traditional dock has only come in black. The white dock model will add variety for Switch owners looking to try out something new.

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Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Dock To Be Sold Separately
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