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Olympus Created Easily Customizable Smart Glasses

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While Google Glass is unlikely to return, smart glasses are not off the table. In fact, Lenovo presented a concept at CES this year, while Amazon is rumored to launch Alexa-powered ones in the following months. Now, Olympus is joining them with EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10, a pair of smart glasses for enterprises #objectmagic

The El-10 isn’t a pair of glasses, per say. It’s more of a mount set to go on all sorts of glasses, even protective ones. The device sits on one side of your face and features a tiny OLED display, of only 640 x 400. There’s, of course, a front-facing camera that can capture photos and videos and stream footage to your colleagues or boss.

As you can imagine, their main purpose is to make work in the field easier for everyone. By sending video or stills of what you see to the supervisor, he/she can give further instructions and make comments in real time, especially since the glasses come with a headphone jack for earpieces or mics.

Because its business-oriented, the system is open-source. Companies can customize it as much as they want, as long as they respect certain limitations. For example, the EyeTrek El-10 has 1GB of RAM and only 8GB of storage and four of them are likely to be occupied by the operating system. The chip powering it up is the same one that helps the 2012 Kindle Fire HD run.

In terms of connectivity, employers can count on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, not the low-energy standard, though. Unfortunately, the battery lasts for only 60 minutes – tops – but the 300mAh cell is swappable.

How much does it cost? Olympus is selling it for $1,500 (which is reasonable for businesses) but if you’re looking for some new tech to invest in, the pair will be available on their official website too.


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