OpenAI Launches AI Text Declassifier, A Tool To Check If Text Was Written By Humans

After months of discussions about the future of human-written text, the creators of the ChatGPT tool, OpenAi, have released another tool that can help distinguish if something was written by a person or a machine.

The OpenAI AI Text Declassifier tool is now available but isn’t yet advanced enough to accurately detect AI-generated text as opposed to text written by humans.

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Right now, it has a 26% percent success rate but OpenAI says it’s merely a tool to be used alongside other detection methods.

Considering many are afraid about the potential for plagiarism ChatGPT unlocks, the AI Text Declassifier could be a valuable tool to make sure people aren’t cheating on their essays. 

“The classifier aims to help mitigate false claims that AI-generated text was written by a human. However, it still has a number of limitations — so it should be used as a complement to other methods of determining the source of text instead of being the primary decision-making tool,” an OpenAI spokesperson told TechCrunch via email. 

The outlet also tested the AI Text Declassifier and found those results as accurate as OpenAI said they’d be. Maybe given enough development time, this tool could one day help distinguish generative AI output from regular content cranked out by humans.

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OpenAI Launches AI Text Declassifier, A Tool To Check If Text Was Written By Humans
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