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Oppo Air Glasses Have No Camera. Can They Make AR Glasses Less Creepy?

Google Glass without the creep factor? It’s possible if you give up the camera and that’s exactly what Oppo did with the Oppo Air Glasses, the company’s first pair of smart glasses.

They were unveiled during Oppo’s Inno Day 2021, the company’s event where it unveils its latest innovations, like its first neural processing unit we found out about today.

But back to the Oppo Air Glasses, because they are a lot more flashy!

Unlike Google Glass, which paved the way for them but went away because people found those wearing cameras on their glasses pretty unsettling, the Oppo Air Glass are “assisted reality glasses” not “augmented reality” ones and give up the camera.

They also work like a head-up display (HUD), featuring a tiny micro LED projector that shows you essential information on the lenses. 

You can wear them with a half-frame or as full-frame spectacles and the lenses can display both color and grayscale at up to 1,400 nits brightness. 

The frames themselves hold the Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform chipset and come in black or white. They charge using a very sleek cradle

With the Oppo Air Glasses, you’ll see text info about the weather, calendar, and lists, plus navigation information and health data when you link them to your phone or an Oppo Watch 2. 

If you have that watch, you can control it using hand motions but they can also respond to commands using touch, voice or head movements.

If you link them to another Air Glass using Bluetooth, they also have a live translation feature that translates Chinese to English, a nifty feature for the market they’re designed for.

Oppo Air Glass and charging cradle

And here’s the bad news: the Oppo Air Glass won’t be coming to a shelf near you anytime soon.

Air Glass will have a limited release in China in the first three months of 2022 and there’s no word if they’ll be released worldwide after.

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Oppo Air Glasses Have No Camera. Can They Make AR Glasses Less Creepy?
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