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Palm Scanners and Facial Recognition, Soon at the Subway in Beijing

beijing subway

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The 10 million people that the subway in Beijing expects daily will use the latest biometric technology to access the train. Soon, palm scanners and facial recognition systems will replace the classic ticket systems or even the smartphone entry option.

Beijing commuters will soon take the train after scanning their palms or faces. After a palm swipe, the fee of the journey will be deducted from the individuals’ digital accounts. While the system is not as popular as facial or fingerprint recognition right now, it’s just as fast and more secure. 

With 22 urban railways and millions of people going back and forth on a daily basis, this initiative could make taking the train faster and easier than ever. You will understand how crucial that is, after taking a look at this video:

Pretty overwhelming, right?

It’s no wonder the government has decided to adapt the latest biometric solutions to the public transportation system. Some palm scanners are already being tested, with the whole system expected to work flawlessly later on.

China is no stranger to tracking people and vehicles at this point. The law enforcement agencies have planned to watch over drivers by implanting RFID chips in newly-registered automobiles.  Also, for a while now, police officers have started testing and using smart glasses to apprehend suspects.

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