Panasonic Transportation: Smarter, Safer and More Stylish

credit: Buchanan Westover

Panasonic’s presentation was anything but understated. From a partnership with Disney to details on their new Lumix S1 and S1R cameras and a new OLED screen, Panasonic’s announcements were varied and interesting. Yet, none drew as much fervor and crowd excitement than Panasonic’s transportation solutions: Cirrus by Panasonic, Passepartout & Captain Shred, and LiveWire.

Cirrus by Panasonic is a scalable product solution for intelligent transportation.

Cirrus by Panasonic is the company’s scalable product solution for intelligent transportation. Based off work with the Colorado Department of Transportation, Cirrus by Panasonic looks to deal with congestion in smarter ways instead of building out congestion. This platform will connect vehicles to create safer and more efficient travel. While there are only 50 sites in Colorado using Panasonic’s smart transportation solution, the federal government has already dedicated $20 million dollars to an additional 450 miles, indicating that Cirrus by Panasonic may be the future of safer transportation.

Passepartout and Captain Shred e-bikes use Panasonic’s GX0 Motor system to provide unparalleled power.

Unlike Cirrus by Panasonic, Passepartout and Captain Shred are not transportation solutions; instead they are vehicles. Partnering with Van Dessel, Panasonic announced these two electronic bikes with the former for gravel and the latter for mountain trails. Both bikes are expected to use Panasonic’s technology, the Panasonic GX0 Motor system, to electronically assist mobility. Given the 90nM of torque the motor can provide, both Passepartout and Captain Shred look to revolutionize micro-mobility.

Finally, Panasonic’s presentation ended with bombastic flair as a motorcycle roared across the stage. In partnership with Harley-Davidson, Panasonic announced a new electric motorcycle: the LiveWire. Touted to be the most connected motorcycle experience, LiveWire has North America cellular telematics, cloud functionality, GPS functions and Bluetooth integration. In addition, it has a dedicated app where you can monitor information about the motorcycle and even get stolen vehicle tracking assistance. Designed for urban and smart city environments, the LiveWire is available for preorder now with a starting price of $29,799.

For more information on the rest of Panasonic’s conference, check out this story!

photo credit: Buchanan Westover

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