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Ressence Type 2 Smartwatch With April Release Comes With Astronomical Price Tag


Ressence has unveiled its Type 2 watch concept about a year ago, but we have to wait until now to finally get to see the final version, which was co-designed by Tony Fadell.

The watch has photovoltaic cells that can recharge the watch automatically, as soon as it’s 36 hour battery starts running low. The cells are hidden behind micro-shutters when not in use.

Then we have the ‘e-Crown‘ that helps the watch store two time zones in it, which can be switched around by a simple tap on the face of the e-Crown. There’s two ways to set up the timezones – by a lever set on the back of the watch or through the companion app.

The watch has a 45mm titanium case and the users can choose between leather or fabric for the strap and the dials can be either anthracite (that means black, guys) or gray.

It’s only splash-resistant so if you somehow do manage to grab one, don’t take it with you swimming.

Ressence is known for making luxury watches and, as you can tell, the Type 2 is no exception, judging by the materials alone. Hence, you can expect it to be pricey: $48,800 pricey, to be more exact.

While it does not track your heart rate or even your workouts, if you can afford it, why not?

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