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Samsung Launches Ad Mocking Apple, Says “This Innovation Is Not Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You”

Shots fired, again! Samsung is back to mocking Apple with yet another ad, this time right before the iPhone 14 launches next week.

To once again make fun of how iPhones get Android features years after the fact (hello, somewhat fast charging?), Samsung’s new ad talks about what the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the foldable Z Flip 4 bring to the table – and iPhone 14 doesn’t.

“Buckle up for Apple’s latest launch as you enter a world where heads will turn, just not in your direction. Where the highest resolution camera on a smartphone will be in someone’s pocket. And that epic moonshot that’s getting all the likes won’t be yours. Because this innovation is not coming soon to an iPhone near you. It’s already here in the galaxy,” says Samsung, not beating around the bush at all.

Considering the recent leak that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a pill-shaped cutout, Samsung has plenty of easy jokes within reach. 

We wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung remakes their 2017 campaign, where they mocked the iPhone notch by using actors with notch haircuts

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Samsung Launches Ad Mocking Apple, Says “This Innovation Is Not Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You”
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