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Samsung Users, Rejoice! Ad Blocking Is A Reality On Android Smartphones

Smartphone users love speed and simplicity. They hate having to wait just to check out a website or the definition of a weird-spelled French word. Unfortunately, there are no ad block plugins on Google Chrome. Android users have learned to live with the annoying advertisments and autoplay videos, believing their fate would never change. Never say “never”, guys:  Samsung Internet will now support ad blockers.

The preinstalled web browser has finally given in to the majority’s will. All Android Marshmallow phones will have this new feature (available for Lollipop, too, in upcoming months) that reduces loading times on different sites. One thing, though; you’ll have to download an app that goes hand in hand with the Samsung Internet browser. One solution is Adblock Fast, a free app that has proven its worth already on iOS and desktop. It should decrease loading times on Android with 51%, according to the company:

If you plan on being one of the first proud owners of a Samsung Galaxy S7, after the big reveal at MWC, don’t fret: the phone’s software will include the ad blocking feature.

One question remains – will die-hard, Google fans, leave the camp for a shot at ad-free searches on Samsung’s own browser? Or will their loyalty or habits get the best of them?

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