Security Experts Warn About World's Biggest Data Leak, Check Now If You're Affected

Security Experts Warn About World’s Biggest Data Leak, Check Now If You’re Affected

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Just weeks after security expert Troy Hunt broke the news of Collection #1, a massive dump of stolen personal information, with more than 700 million online users are affected, another incident becomes a world record.

A Wired report reveals that 2.2 billion (yes, billion) email addresses and passwords have been exposed, traded and sold online by malicious actors.

The collection of stolen credentials, dubbed Collection #2-5, is now the world’s biggest data leak and chances are, at least one of your personal accounts was affected.

To see if it’s time to change your password, security researchers from Hasso-Plattner-Institut created this tool.

Visit this link, insert your email address there and, in a few seconds, you’ll get a mailed report that shows you if, when and how personal information like your email address, telephone number, date of birth, or address were compromised.

To prevent hackers from getting into your sensitive accounts, the best security measure is to use strong passwords and enable 2-factor authentication.

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