Smart Pillow That Stops You From Snoring Snags CES 2020 Innovation Award

Snoring, one of the last issues that smart sleep devices don’t really address, might have found its resolution at CES 2020.

Motion Pillow 2 snagged a CES 2020 Innovation Award and promises to help snorers through a combination of approaches.

The system contains a “Solution Box” that records and analyzes your snorting patterns, then sends instructions to the smart pillow to inflate the four built-in airbags and hopefully set you into a better position for nasal breathing.

According to its makers, the Solution Box detects breathing patterns and gently inflates the pillow to adjust to your sleeping position.

Obviously, this promise made the IndieGoGo campaign reach its target in record time.

As added value, the Solution Box also doubles as a wireless charger for your phone.

The pillow itself has three layers of noise-reducing materials to minimize disturbance when the internal airbags inflate, so you and your partner won’t wake up during adjustments.

motion pillow 2 ces 2020 smart pillow anti snoring

And yes, you can use it as a regular pillow – it’s made of memory foam.

If you’re looking to buy one, being an IndieGoGo backer is the best deal, slashing 30% off the $420 retail price down to $294.

That’s cheaper than the first iteration of the Motion Pillow that’s currently being sold on Amazon.

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