Royole Mirage Smart Speaker Steals the Show With Wraparound Screen

Way before Samsung released their foldable Galaxy, Royole was making waves with the very first foldable phone, the stunning Flexpai.

This year, at CES, the company debuted another novelty: the Royole Mirage smart speaker with a wraparound  screen that uses the same flexible display technology.

Yes, the Royole Mirage is actually covered in a touchscreen, a 7.8-inch flexible AMOLED display with 1,920 x 1,440 px resolution.

royole mirage smart speaker wraparound display ces 2020 2

The speaker is also fitted with a 5MP camera sensor but Royole didn’t say what it would be used for – we suspect video calling or home security.

The Royole Mirage is fitted with three 48mm drivers with 30W RMS and a passive radiator for 360 degree sound and two far-field microphones so you can boss around Alexa or other AI assistants.

The rest of the specs mention 2GB of RAM, 16 GB of onboard storage and a Snapdragon 524 processor.

What’s unclear is what operating system the Royole Mirage will use but we hope, for the sake of compatibility, that it’s Android-based.

If the design caught your eye, know that this unique smart speaker will launch sometime in the second half of this year and it won’t exactly be cheap: it will retail for $899.

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