“Snap” Wants To Take You To Work In A Custom Pod With Iris Unlock

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Gentex and design powerhouse Rinspeed teamed up to build a driverless platform that transports people around town in pods. Each pod is designed to become the user’s personal space after iris authentication #biomagic

Snap is a concept for a self-driving “skateboard” intended to function 24/7. The platform’s role would be to connect to passenger pods around town, picking them up and leaving them at different destinations. Each pod would look the same on the outside but once inside, it could become a custom space adjusted to your needs and preferences.

To do so, the pods have biometric ID modules built in with iris recognition technology. Upon authentication, you can take advantage of custom settings belonging to their unique pod profile. Such controls would be seat adjustment, music choice, GPS locations that can be saved and used later. Users could access work files on their way to the office and even enter video conferences. Iris authentication would allow you to make transactions as well and authorize payments to toll booths.

Snap pods could integrate easily with Gentex’s HomeLink platform, giving you access to control your smart home devices. Design-wise, they’d look pretty futuristic and minimalist. Cameras and other sensors would be hidden by dimmable glass panels. While the video above gives you an idea of what the future could look like, in order to understand Gentex and Rinspeed’s vision you’ll have to go to CES 2018.

Rinspeed will present the technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, that takes place from January 9th in Las Vegas.

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