Sphero Specdrums Rings Allow You To Create Music By Just Tapping Your Fingers


Sphero might have said goodbye to its Disney partnership, but the company continues to create and inspire: it took to the CES stage this year to launch the Specdrums, app-enabled rings that allow anyone to create music just by tapping surfaces or objects painted in different colors.

The rings have Bluetooth transmitters and optical sensors embedded in them which basically tie a color to whatever sound you might want to associate it with. And the catalog the companion app comes with has a more than generous assortment to choose from: over 100 instruments, to be more exact.

The rings do come with a colorful play-mat the users can experiment on but they can be used on everyday items that come in different colors. They have a two hour battery life.

Sphero being Sphero, hopes that the rings will be used for educational purposes, hopefully even in STEM learning programs. But, of course, nothing stops you from buying a pair and rocking it out in the comfort of your own home or trying to make those long bus rides more enjoyable.

They will start shipping next week and they cost $65 for one and $99 for a pair.

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