Squid Game Cost Only $21.4 Million to Make But Brought Netflix $900 Million

Just what does it mean to be the biggest Netflix show ever? Squid Game will reportedly make the streaming app almost $900 Million when it’s all said and done.

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These amazing results are made even better by the fact that it cost only $21.4 million to make, a sum considerably smaller since it was shot in South Korea and not Hollywood.

Where is the money coming from?

Well, an incredible 87 million people watched this show in its entirety, and 132 million have watched at least 2 minutes in the show’s first 23 days on the app.

Netflix doesn’t usually reveal how many people watched their shows but this new Bloomberg report, which got some internal Netflix documents, spilled the deets.

While Netflix sometimes releases viewer numbers, it usually reports just how many people watched an episode or a few minutes from an episode – not how many stuck through the entire thing.

Squid Game is Now Happening in Real Life

In the report obtained by Bloomberg, they’re revealing that 89% of people who watched Squid Game watched at least 75 minutes, so more than one episode, and 66% of viewers, or 87 million people, have finished the series in the first 23 days.

Converted in time, Squid Game watchers spent a cumulative 1.4 billion hours watching the show in those 23 days.

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