TCL Unveils 4G Smartwatch Aimed At Senior Care


TCL Communication has announced its latest device: the TCL Movietime Family Watch MT40S, a wearable that was created with senior care in mind, which aims to provide them with care and support while allowing them to maintain as much of their autonomy as possible. 

The watch helps the seniors stay active and keep tabs on their health via the activity tracker, sleep monitor and reminders that come in handy either just to keep track of their appointments or to remember to take any medications they might be on. 

In addition to that, it not only allows them to keep in touch with friends and family thanks to the 4G connectivity but also to video call them, share photos and leave or receive voice messages. Its interface has a large, easy to read font and an intuitive interface with a simple, straightforward design that will be easy to use even by the less tech-savvy. 

But that’s not all: the Movietime Family Watch also comes equipped with geolocation, customized geofencing and SOS features. If, for example, the user feels unwell or loses its way on unfamiliar streets, they can navigate themselves out of the situation by using third-party maps and geolocation and, at the same time, their family or friends can keep track of them by using the watch’s notifications or location history. 

In case of an emergency, all the users have to do is press the watch’s power key for three seconds, which will trigger an SOS message that will be sent out to pre-determined numbers so they can receive help as soon as possible. 

Globally, the senior population is growing faster than all other age groups combined and by 2050, one in six people will be over age 65,” Peter Lee, General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing for the company has said of the wearable. “Senior family members deserve daily care and connection while maintaining their independence. With features allowing family, friends and caretakers to stay in touch with seniors conveniently, TCL’s MOVETIME Family Watch MT40S is the perfect device for the elderly to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.” 

The watch will be available later in the year, in select markets, with a price tag of €129 (around $142, after conversion). 

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