Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Are Up For Pre-order

tesla solar roof

Remember Tesla’s solar roof tiles unveiled last fall? They’re finally up for pre-order. Elon Musk gave his Twitter followers the good news earlier today #todaymagic

Tesla is finally allowing home owners interested in renewable, sustainable energy the chance to power their houses with efficient, beautifully designed solar roof tiles. The company is going to start taking orders later today and ship/ install this year, in the United States. Elon Musk has told interested followers that only two styles will be up for purchase right now: the black glass smooth and textured models. The more exotic ones, Tuscan and French, will arrive “in about six months”.

Musk’ company will take order from almost any country but some buyers might notice a delay in availability and shipping. It seems that Tesla roofs are going to arrive overseas in 2018. The excitement surrounding this solar roofs can be explained by the technology employed to source sunlight. All the roofs are coated in a special material that lets sun rays go through but keeps curious strangers at bay. See, seen from a different angle, the cells appear opaque not transparent as they need to be to allow sunshine in.

The best part is that this privacy measure doesn’t make the solar roofs any less efficient than the traditional solar cells. Plus, Musk says that they have “a quasi-infinite lifetime”, since they don’t shatter very easily. If you also consider how chic your roof will look in the end, then there’s hardly anything to dislike at these tiles.

Problem is, we haven’t heard anything about the price. As you know, this is the “detail” that has kept many solar roof prospective buyers at bay, reluctant to invest too much in the eco-friendly solution. If Tesla manages to offer a decent price, perhaps their roofs will be the start of living a more sustainable life.

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