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The From series on Epix, the best new show of April 2022

Looking for a show like Yellowjackets, which kept you guessing from week to week? 

Watch the From series on Epix, a brand new show that flew under the radar but soon everyone will be talking about it.

In the From show on Epix, residents of a small town are being hunted down every night by vampire-like creatures. Even worse, anyone who comes into the town for one reason or another finds themselves unable to leave. 

It’s a show like Salem’s Lot meets Los meets Wayward Pines. Trust us, you’ll have to draw the blinds to fall asleep after watching this one! 

Small streaming app Epix original show has a super-twisted story full of suspense  and a cast to match. The main talent is Harrold Perrineau, who you might know as Augustus Hill from Oz and Eion Bailey, from Band of Brothers and Fight Club. 

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Perrineau plays Boyd Stevens, the town sheriff who has to do everything to keep people safe. Eion Bailey, on the other hand, plays Jim Matthews. He’s one of the unlucky people who enters town with his family and is stuck in a hell almost impossible to describe.

They’re joined by relative newcomers Catalina Sandino Moreno and Hannah Cheramy, who play Eion Bailey’s character’s family. While From on Epix doesn’t have the star-studded cast of a show on a major streaming app, Harrold Perrineau and Eion Bailey do the heavy lifting and provide a familiar face to draw you in.

In any case, Epix’s From series is the show like Lost that could be one of the best TV series of 2022. With 7 episodes out, the From show has the vibe of a show like Wayward Pines but a lot better, with stronger characters and a seriously scary setting.

Here’s what you should know about it and how to get Epix free to watch it.

Is From series based on a book?

No, the From series is not based on a book. However, the From series episode 1 will definitely make you think of Salem’s Lot. It shares a lot with Stephen King’s masterpiece, from the small-town setting to the vampire-like creatures lurking outside of windows and begging the residents to come in.

from epix series

The very first episode of From has a strong tie to Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. A small child hears an inviting voice outside a window, claiming it’s her grandma. She resists the calls, as she knows her grandma is dead but can’t resist the temptation to open the blinds and invite her in. As soon as she does so, the creature posing as grandma viciously attacks her.

The second day, we meet sheriff Boyd Stevens, played by the underrated Harrold Perrineau, who unfortunately has to handle the aftermath of the  monster’s massacre.

“Unravel the mystery of a city in Central America that imprisons everyone who enters. As the residents struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy and seek a way out, they must also survive the threats of the surrounding forest,” is the official synopsis but it doesn’t do this show justice.

If From series theories are right, and the residents of that town are stuck in a time loop of sorts, this could also be a show like Archive 81. It definitely has a huge Lost vibe, so, if you want a mystery, give it a chance.

How many episodes of From are on Epix?

From on Epix debuted on February 20th with a weekly episode. Right now, there are 7 episodes available to stream out of the total 10 episode run of From on Epix season 1.

From episode 8 will be available on March 27, so pace your binge and you can catch the official episode discussion on Reddit when it’s at its peak.

There are three subreddits dedicated to the show, r/FromSeries, r/FromTVShow and r/FromTVEpix, all with decently active communities.

Got a Epix From theory to discuss? We recommend heading to the last one, r/FromTVEpix, as it’s the most active subreddit for the show. Head there for the official threads or maybe try your hand at making some From memes.

Will there be a season 2 of From on Epix?

That’s the burning question and we’re inclined to say yes: Epix From season 2 will happen.

from epix tv show

Epix has not confirmed it yet but based on two things, a season 2 of From on Epix has all the chances to happen.

First off, From on Epix is definitely a viral show in 2022, with all show subreddits growing fast and glowing reviews pouring in.

And the second reason we’re confident From on Epix season 2 will happen?

While Epix is a small streaming app with not a lot of budget for such high productions, it’s owned by MGM. 

From is a co-production between EPIX Studios and MGM International Television Productions, and is produced by Midnight Radio and AGBO.  

And guess what? MGM was just bought by Amazon for $8.5 billion. As you know from your Amazon Prime subscription, these guys definitely don’t have a lot of good content (cough cough, that Wheel of Time disappointment).

With that in mind and Amazon’s desperation for good shows on Amazon Prime, From on Epix will be renewed for sure. It might take a while until the Amazon execs hear the hype and realize the full potential of Epix, but we’re confident that From on Epix will be on Amazon Prime soon.

Until then, you will have to have an Epix subscription to see the From show.

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Epix subscription cost – is it worth it?

In a nutshell, we say yes. At just $5.99, an Epix subscription is among the cheapest online and certainly less of a budget strain than a Netflix or a Hulu subscription. We started our own Epix subscription after watching the first episode of From with a friend and regret nothing.

However, you can also get Epix free just to watch this show.

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How to get Epix free

There is an Epix free trial available that lasts 7 days, which is more than enough to get up to speed with From and other Epix originals.

ANother option would be to get 30 days of Epix free by switching to Roku as your streaming dongle.

If you buy and activate a new Roku, you get a free 30 day trial for Epix, Showtime and Starz. Considering how affordable Android dongles are (and how necessary if you have multiple subscriptions), this is a pretty good deal. You can watch From on Epix, American Rust on Showtime and American Gods on Starz, three of the best recent shows.

Happy watching!

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The From series on Epix, the best new show of April 2022


  1. Waldo Wimperstein

    March 28, 2022 at 12:30 am

    I agree with this article. I really like this show. I’ve read many fiction books, fantasy, science fiction that have a theme of 1) Survival and 2) a strange mystery. Like the old TV show LOST which I didn’t like, kinda. Harrold Perrineau is really really good in this. Only thing I’d say about the article is the monsters are not like vampires, not at all. They’re demons that rip you apart. Vampires usually bite you on the neck and drain your blood. They don’t rip you apart. I guess the “only come out at night” part is like vampires but that’s about it. The Twilight series, the vamps were fine in daylight.

    • Ana Dascalescu

      March 28, 2022 at 11:52 am

      Yes, it’s a great show, isn’t it? As for the vampire comparison, 3 things stood out: like vampires, they only come out at night. 2. just like oldschool vamps, they need to be invited inside in a way. 3. they are shown to be charismatic and intellectual. But yes, they’re not really vampires in the traditional sense, they just have some commonalities.

  2. Jennifer

    April 27, 2022 at 1:52 pm

    I really really like this show and subscribed to Epix to be able to see the episodes beyond what was teased on Amazon-and definitely felt it was worth it.

    I was very confused by episode 10. Where many season finales close loops opening one for a next season, I felt like this episode left all the loops wide open. I am hoping they have a season 2 so they can put some reason to the what is causing this to happen to these people. Otherwise it looks like a bad show that got cancelled before the writers had a chance to conclude.

    • Ana Dascalescu

      May 13, 2022 at 2:24 pm

      Yes, the ending was a bit confusing and I felt like it lost a little steam by that point. Great news though, Epix renewed From for a second, 10-episode series!

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