The Impressive Nreal Light Mixed-Reality Glasses Will Also Be Pretty Affordable

The Nreal Light sunglasses made heads turn at every tech trade show and now they also have a launch date and price tag.

The Nreal Light mixed-reality sunglasses stole the show at CES 2019 and at GDC 2019, because they’re truly the lightest, most user-friendly way of experiencing AR games at 5G speeds.

Even though they look like regular old sunglasses, they pair with smartphones powered by Snapdragon 855 and run on 5G speeds.

Considering the fact that they offer 6 DoF, DTS audio and are compatible with prescription lenses, it’s incredible how portable they are (they even fold!).

Our own Yue tried them on at CES 2019 and talked to the developers about the challenges of creating mixed-reality glasses that weigh just 84 grams but still provide spatial audio thanks to DTS tech.

The company thinks that the Nreal Light will replace the smartphone in the near future for AI, 5G and AR/MR applications. With a $499 price tag, that might very well come to pass.

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