This Beauty Wand From Opté Promises To Turn Blemishes Into Distant Memories


We’ve seen a lot of interesting products at CES this year, from machines that can fold your clothes to headbands that want to train your brain so you can get a better night’s sleep. Among all of these, we also discovered a piece of tech that will give us a hand in maintaining our beauty for a while longer.

While it’s not the Fountain of Youth, the Opté Beauty Wand is a device produced by Procter and Gamble that can make age spots disappear.

The device employs the use of a digital camera with blue LED lights that can detect skin discoloration. The pictures it captures are processed by a minicomputer that subsequently has a very thorough look at the size, shape and intensity of the problem area.

That area is then compared to the natural skin around it and that’s when the microprinter comes into play.

Yes, the device is fitted with a microprinter that can correct the problem area on the spot thanks to a serum that contains pigments, moisturizer and spot-lightening ingredients. The serum is patented and, according to
Opté, it helps the blemishes eventually disappear, in time.

All you’ll have to do is wave the wand over your skin and the hyperpigmented area will be smoothly covered as you go.

Opté assures the users that the device can work not only with age spots but with freckles and acne scars as well. The only thing it has issues with is with skin conditions such as severe rosacea.

For now, Opté has not released any info on pricing but, if it means it will give the ladies out there an alternative to makeup, it will most likely prove to be a success regardless of the price range.

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