This Xiaomi Patent Reveals A Phone with Extra Weird Selfie Camera Placements

Xiaomi Patent Reveals A Phone with Shocking Selfie Camera Placements

xiaomi patent front camera at bottom

LetsGoDigital spotted an interesting patent from Xiaomi listed on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Looking at the renders from LetsGoDigital, you’d probably label this as another April Fools’ joke but you’d be wrong.

Xiaomi patented a phone with a full, non-notched screen that acts like a speaker, just like the Mi Mix 2 original idea.

To achieve that full-screen experience, Xiaomi placed the dual selfie camera at the bottom of the screen, hoping to make it less obvious to the user.

Another render shows the dual front camera placed into each lower corner of the screen, which will definitely make users go cross-eyed trying to take a selfie.

Thankfully, not all patents see the light of day as finished products.

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