Tile Ultra UWB Tracker Goes Toe to Toe with AirTags
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Tile Ultra UWB Tracker Goes Toe to Toe with AirTags

First there were Tiles to find your lost keys then, after ages of rumors, Apple revealed AirTags, a direct contender to Tile’s throne.

Now, Tile comes back with a model whose specs rival Apple’s AirTags.

The Tile Ultra is the company’s first ultra-wideband (UWB) tracker and it will have support for both Android and iOS – the first on the market to do so.

At first glance, the Tile Ultra looks very much like the new Tile Pro and has a built-in key ring. Internally though, it adds UWB radio to bring more accurate location tracking, in addition to the Bluetooth used by other models.

If your lost keys are particularly hard to find, the Tile Ultra also has an augmented reality mode that will walk you step by step to where they are.

The Tile Ultra will launch early 2022 but, if you are looking for a location tracker right now, check out the newest version of the previous models. 

The Tile Pro, Slim, Mate and Sticker have all received visual updates, a better water resistance rating and a stronger volume, and they’re available starting today.

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Tile Ultra UWB Tracker Goes Toe to Toe with AirTags
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