U.S. To Face Off Japan In Robot Battle This October

It’s finally happening! Or so we believe. The giant robot duel announced for this summer, between MegaBots from U.S. and Suidobashi from Japan, is taking place this October #machinemagic

After waiting for months for a robot duel that never came, MegaBots and Suidobashi Heavy Industries are finally keeping their promise. The American team of engineers who built the Eagle Prime robot will face off the Japanese one, inventor of Kuratas, this month. On October 17th, at 10:00 PM ET, the fight will be streamed worldwide via Twitch.  

If you can’t watch it live, the two teams will make sure to make the video available on YouTube and Facebook afterwards. 

MegaBots and Suidobashi are trying for two years now to organize the event and every single time, they missed the opportunity. This time, though, things could be different, as they gave us an exact date and hours to catch the battle.

Remember, in four days, you’ll get to see a 16-foot mech that weighs 12 tons go against Kuratas, a bot slightly smaller and slimmer (13ft, 6.5 tons). The battle is set to be spectacular, a “nation-on-nation robot combat. Multi-ton behemoths will swing punches, tearing steel armor panels off each other until one mech is left standing, while the opponent is left a heap of scrap metal.”

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